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White Papers

Insightful knowledge and expertise in the field of online and live training.

Elevating Market Access Intelligence

The Impact on Training Customer-Facing Teams and Managers

By John Bye, Celeste Mosby, Keith Kelly and Katy Shuck


Beyond the Learning Objective

What a Strategic Training Partner Should Be Doing for You.

By John Bye and Celeste Mosby

Six Keys to Effective Global Sales Training Design

Looks at the challenges of designing a global sales training program and offers tips on making the design process more efficient and effective.

By Yvonne Ash and Mani Chidambaram

Rock-solid Project Management: How to Ensure Your Training Programs are on Time and on Budget

Identifies what good project management looks like and help syou to recognize and cultivate good project management in yourself or in your organization.

By John Bye and Nyssa Hoch

A Guiding Hand: The Important of Facilitation in Live Training Scenarios

Examines the benefits of professional facilitation, discusses live workshop design and also explores two real life case studies of professional facilitation.

By Mani Chidambaram

Getting into Training

Which traits are most important for pharmaceutical salespeople hoping to make the leap into sales training?

By John Bye

Not so Random Sampling

In the battleground over pharmaceutical selling tactics, there’s no end in sight to the ongoing skirmish over the practice of product sampling.

By John Bye

No End to It

Sales reps are expected to learn throughout their career. Shouldn’t the company keep testing them?

By John Bye