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Course Catalog

mmManaged Markets Excellence®

1-salesSales Excellence

gxpGxP and Regulatory Series


Access the Knowledge You Need to Succeed in Today's Payer Dominated Marketplace

This series addresses the critical need for specialized training in the complex and constantly evolving managed markets environment for pharmaceutical and biologic products.


Guiding Sales Professionals Through Today's Complex Selling Environment

This series addresses the changing training needs of today's sales representatives and front-line managers through focusing on “non-traditional topics” such as business acumen, analysis, and planning that are at the heart of many of the industry's new sales models.


Information You Need to Succeed in a Highly-Regulated Development Environment

This series provides a comprehensive view of good clinical practices and regulatory guidelines within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


2-marketingMarketing Excellence

taTherapeutic Area Essentials™

industryUnderstanding Pharma™


Foundational Training for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Marketing Professionals

This series uniquely addresses the industry's need for standardized marketing training, and covers topics relevant to both pipeline and in-line brand teams.


Address Unique Therapeutic Training Needs

This suite of therapeutic area e-courses covers diagnosis, cause, and treatment for over 40 disease states. Core therapeutic areas covered include gastroenterology, infections, musculoskeletal, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, and respiratory disorders.


A Comprehensive View of a Complicated Business Environment

Understanding Pharma™ provides an unprecedented, end-to-end perspective on the functional areas of a typical biopharmaceutical company, while showing how all of the interlocking parts of this complex enterprise work together and influence one another.

  • Liz Day and the team exceeded our expectations. They were able to help deliver our project in the shortened timeframe that was needed and did so with the utmost professionalism. I would definitely recommend this team and look forward to working with them again in the future.

    Training Manager, A Large Pharmaceutical Organization
  • This is a great resource. has done an excellent job putting together such a comprehensive program—one that does not exist elsewhere in the marketplace. I wish I had this kind of resource when I started out in the industry 20 years ago.

    Head of Business & Commercial Analysis, a midsize biotechnology company
  • The event was a huge success. Not for a moment did I worry about the execution of the project. The Learning Solutions team truly made us shine and created an appetite among our leaders for more.

    Project Leader, Global Pharmaceutical Giant,
  • The Syneos Health team was great to work with. They developed an incredible on-boarding guide that was entirely customized for us.

    Project Sponsor, Mid-sized Pharma Company,
  • Learning Solutions from Syneos Health designed the solution in a way that spurs thoughtfulness and strategic thinking, yet delivers training in a fun, informative and exciting way.

    Division Manager, Global Biotechnology Organization,
  • Launching a new web-based application is never easy — and with that, the rationale for the tool was based on a newly launched framework! So we dealt with many variables when launching this training, and are still working on increasing adoption and uptake of the tool. Learning Solutions from Syneos Health was extremely flexible and did a great job delivering what we needed (which often changed throughout the course of the project) at the time.

    Recent Client,
  • The team I worked with, including Cindy Linton, was extremely helpful and responsive to our training teams' needs. I would welcome working with them in the future.

    Recent Client,
  • I commend the team that put this together. Thank you for the creative thinking in how we approach this training! You can clearly feel the innovation and ingenuity of the design - it is different from anything we have had in recent years. I find it fantastic!

    Division Manager, Global Biotechnology Organization,
  • Great experience with the team. Celeste is a trusted strategic partner. Working with her team exceeded my expectations.

    Biopharmaceutical Client,
  • Learning Solutions e-courses have become the gold standard for managed markets e-learning at our company.

    Director of Managed Markets Training, a top-10 pharmaceutical company
  • Exceptionally well worded and summarized...You bring up many good clinical points.

    Gastroenterologist, a leading university medical center
  • Nyssa was excellent! Very clear communicator. Prompt. Flexible. Timely. Seemed genuinely vested in the material being produced.

    Recent Client, Medical Training
  • The depth of content covered in ’s Managed Markets Excellence® e-courses far exceeds anything else available in the marketplace.

    Vice President of Managed Markets, a midsize pharmaceutical company
  • Syneos Health Learning Solutions has done an excellent job of taking complex managed markets concepts and explaining them in ways that are easy to understand.

    Sr. Director of Sales Training, a leading pharmaceutical company
  • It is always a pleasure to work with Celeste and Beth! Both are extremely responsive to our needs. Beth Gay, from an operations perspective and project leader/contact, is one of the strongest "vendor-partners" that I have worked with—she is a gem! The Syneos Health team is truly fortunate to have her.

    Recent Client, Compliance Training

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