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Instructional design and training modality expertise.


The design and development of training solutions that target your company’s unique needs can be a major undertaking.  Learning Solutions' team of project managers, instructional design experts, graphic designers, and subject-matter experts from leading management consulting firm Syneos Health partner with you to develop both live and e-learning training solutions that address your critical training needs.


Learning Solutions has the instructional design and training modality expertise to manage your entire distance learning development process from beginning to end.  To meet your objectives, training modules can be delivered using virtually any modality or platform from virtual preceptorships, case studies, and e-courses to iPad training, audio courses, and eZine or print modules.

Live Training

Our training specialists partner with Syneos Health’s subject matter experts to develop high-impact live training solutions for improving the effectiveness of pharmaceutical and biotech representatives, account managers, district managers, marketers, and more.  Our expansive live training capabilities include the development and delivery of interactive, real-world-based assessments, certifications, simulations, games, workshops, presentations, plus other coaching- and selling-skills initiatives.

Launch Training

Syneos Health and Learning Solutions collaborate to design, develop, and implement launch training programs that will prepare your sales force – and other customer-facing team members – for the rigors of product launch.  Our comprehensive programs ensure that your sales team has the knowledge and the skills to drive results from “day-one” of launch.

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