Complete Launch Training Equips Sales Team for Success at Global Biopharmaceutical Company.

Sales Representatives required preparation for launch of a new product for an infectious disease. inVentiv’ comprehensive program provided knowledge of the disease and its management, and skills to effectively promote the product and address objections.


Our client was launching a new product for an infectious disease and wanted a comprehensive program to prepare sales representatives to promote the product and address potential objections. The sales force needed an understanding of the evolution of the disease and its management.


The participants found the training very engaging and came away prepared to promote the product in a patient- and physician-centered way.


Develop Macro Design Plan

The Macro Design Plan outlined the overall schedule and described each training event in detail and how the theme would be woven into the workshop.

Developed Custom, Create a Series of “Conference” Posters to Engage Participants

18 posters walked the sales representatives through the affected body system, the disease, its diagnosis, risk factors, and history of treatment.

Conduct a Series of Live Workshops With a Time Travel Theme

The live training event took participants through milestones of treatment evolution. Each workshop jumped the learner forward in time as a medical student, then a new physician, then an attending physician. Application exercises after each time point had participants experience different perspectives to understand the full spectrum of disease treatment.