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Aligning Perspectives
Understand, Strategize, Engage

At-A-Glance Overview

One Day or Two Day Workshop options available

Business Impact
Based on thorough understanding of the drivers and dynamics that exist within and among customer accounts, customer-facing roles will engage in focused, customized, and deliberate discussions that are aligned to the individual stakeholder interests, responsibilities, motivations, and influence.

Intended Audience/Client Need
Any customer-facing role for which and individual’s responsibilities include the sharing of information with, influencing the decisions of, or acting as a resource to customer stakeholders, and are expected to take a holistic view of marketplace dynamics, resulting in a more sophisticated engagement with those stakeholders.

Instructional Concept
Heavily reliant on case-study application, interaction, and discussion. Participants evaluate a facilitator-led role play using an evaluation rubric. Take-away resources include an Action Planner.


The ‘Engage’ portion of the workshop explores the actual stakeholder engagement and breaks down each of the engagement skills depicted in the graphic on the right.

Program Description

Given the complexity of the healthcare marketplace it is necessary for companies and their those individuals in customer-facing roles, who view the healthcare industry as a customer, to not only change how they behave and interact with this customer, but to also adapt their strategic approach to align with the dynamics of the customer environment . This workshop and related stakeholder engagement model has been developed to meet that need.

The workshop is broken up into 3 main sections to focus on the 3 main aspects of the approach, ‘Understand, Strategize and Engage’ respectively.  Each section was designed to be highly interactive to maximize representative engagement.  A case study is assigned as a pre-read and will be utilized throughout the Aligning Perspectives workshop to help apply what is discussed as a group.

The Aligning Perspectives model requires representatives to understand account stakeholders at a deeper level through their roles, motivations, and influences. Based on this deeper understanding, representatives can strategize for each stakeholder and, finally, engage effectively.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the stakeholders in an account; their roles, responsibilities, and motivations; the dynamics between them; and their overall impact on the system

  • Identify stakeholder values and appropriately align the attributes of your product to those that are most important to that specific stakeholder

  • “Understanding” stakeholders at a much deeper level by utilizing a framework that culminates in the creation of a stakeholder map.

  • Effectively engage account stakeholders, acknowledge and address stakeholder concerns, become a trusted advisor, and motivate the stakeholder to commit to being an advocate for your product and company